Who We Are

Here at Sandpoint Bible Fellowship (SBF), we want to do our best to recreate the church in Acts. What does that mean? That means we don’t want to be fake and act like we have it all figured out, instead, we want to be able to come to church with the idea of being built back up to go into the world and share who Jesus is with those who need Him. We want to create a real family like environment as we go through the Bible one book at a time verse by verse. In addition to the Sunday morning service at 10am, we follow it with a weekly Bible study. The relational part of Christianity is one of the most important things to our body and we are looking to emulate Christ in a way that is fruitful in the community. The goal is to look more and more like Jesus Christ each day. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday, welcome to family.

Meet the Pastor

We are the Triplett Family (Casey, Amber, Tyler, Devry, Peytan and Isabella). We are helping to restart a wonderful church just down the street called Sandpoint Bible Fellowship. It would be an honor for you to come check out the newly remodeled sanctuary and see what God has done the past few months. As we are just starting up, we have a lot of opportunities to serve, including, but not limited to, worship, children’s church, greeting, Bible study leaders and nursery. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you want to learn more about our church and/or to meet me Casey Triplett (Pastor). The mission of our church is to reach the city of Sandpoint, Idaho and develop real relationships with Christ, creating disciples which will ultimately result in Christian leadership. Please pray for what God has for you and don’t hesitate to get in on the ground floor of what God is doing here in Sandpoint.